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  • About me

    Coming from a small village called Babhalgaon which is situated near Latur,Maharashtra,choosing this art form as a full time profession is not an easy decision.Despite being an Engineer by profession,my love for this art made me leave my engineering job.They say,"There is no path to follow,just walk the way of your heart." I always knew , just making money would never make me as happy as a finished piece of artwork on white paper would do.

    It all started in my teenage with my hobby of sketching. I always wanted to know as much about it and in the process a hobby turned into a passion which compelled me to choose it as my profession. I never went to any formal art classes.Most of my artistic development has been the result of practice and self directed study of art-books, magazines and websites. My father got me started with basic things. My family always supported and motivated me. When I was studying engineering, I kept the art alive contributing immensely to college magazines and also the arts committee. Being a self taught artist, I made a lots of experiments too, coming to Charcoal was one of those experiments.

    Talking about Charcoal and Graphite,they both look rich and earthy.Using these is great for expressive sketching and is also excellent for developing deep tones,volume,depth and realistic light. Charcoal and Graphite really bring rich organic simplicity to a room.You can focus on emotions and actions in the work. Monochrome is so striking and it makes the work have a heightened emotion in them.

    I use various material from around the world to make my work look hyper-realistic. " Beauty is what gives us pause." So, I always try to induce hyper-realism in my each piece of artwork. My work reveals charcoal shading techniques to textural sketching with graphite. I categorize my work by the subject matter. Learning is a never ending process. So, I strive to learn something new everyday.

    I create for myself as well as I take orders from clients,the embrace from viewers is the greatest motivation. I appreciate the thought that my art is hanging on the walls of people who may glance at it daily and smile. Appreciation from people helps me to focus on my work and motivates me to work even harder. I do believe that art has power to change people and their lives.